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Here are some photos taken at the .
You may use any image in these pages for any NON-COMMERCIAL use. These images must have two links to be used, one to the Home page, and another link to this website. The two links can be from anywhere on your NON-COMMERCIAL website. You cannot post these to Flickr, or any photo sharing website unless you provide the two links, and clearly state that you did not take the photo.*

If you want to use these photos for a commercial website (i.e. Santa Barbara hotels, businesses, tours, travel agents, etc.) contact me for details.

Here are some pictures of the animals at the :

* Scenario: You take a trip to the , and want to share pictures of the animals with your friends. You can use these pictures on a photo sharing website, as long as you annotate that you did not take them. Make sure to properly reference as the source of the photos and as the location where were taken. If you cannot put links on the photo sharing site, a description in the text will be sufficient.
Here are the guidelines for using any pictures from this site:

If the image is stated as being a COPYRIGHTED IMAGE, then it cannot be used. A link MUST be placed from the page that the picture is used, either to Home Page, Thumbnail Page or to the photo's Gallery Page.
The link can be a text link at the bottom of the page, or the picture can be a link.
There is a limit of 10 (Ten) photos that may be used from this website on another single website. After 10 (Ten) photos, permission must be obtained to use additional photos.
Keep the name of the picture as it was originally named, without changing it.
The images on this site are all sized at 400 x 600, that is the size limit for using them on any other website.
The Desktop Backgrounds are for personal use only, and are not meant to be put on a website, unless they are resized at 400 x 600.
You can use the images for commercial, personal, professional or any type of website.
If it's a commercial website, remember that you don't have a model release, so if it's a picture with someone in it, and they are prominently featured, you can't use it without a model release. When it's a picture of scenery or anything where the people are not identifiable, then you can use it freely.
The "MODELS" pictures are all PREMIUM images. They cannot be used without permission.
It's not a requirement, but send me an e-mail if you use a photo.