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CGIPix is an observation that Nikon, Canon and the rest no longer make cameras,
they make computers that you can attach a lens to.
Here is a basic overview of what it takes to create good, better or best pictures, you decide how much effort you want to put into your pictures.

Expressing Mood Through Creative Control

This is not telling a model, smile and be happy, that's easy to do. It's a lot harder to look at a scene, and try to convey an emotion by controlling the light, angles and lens selections.

Using Light to Express Moods

Light is essential to creating a mood in a photograph. By using light effectively, you can add joy, happiness, suspense, fear, melancholy or any range of emotions.

Here's some ways to hep light convey an emotion:

Happiness - Nothing says happiness like the warm glow of a setting sun.

Joy - A bright rainbow will add a look of joy to a photo. A rainbow is an effect of light, so the light is adding the joyful emotion.

Suspense - A figure coming out of a dark shadow, with just the face visible, would add an element of suspense to a photo.

Fear - Say you want to shoot a house, and make it look haunted. A full moon, long exposure, preferably with a cloudy night, and maybe even some lightning would convey a sense of fear into an image.

Melancholy - Nothing says melancholy like a rainy, foggy or cloudy day. Grey skies and a light drizzle add the feeling that it's not the greatest day.

If you wait long eough, the right lighting will happen, to convey the mood you want.

Using Camera Angles to Express Moods

Camera angles can add to the feeling that the light is giving. Happiness - A low camera angle, with a model jumping in the air, on a sunny day will impart a happy feel to the photo.

Fear - Imagine taking a high camera angle, with a model looking up, a shocked or sad look on the face. This would give the impression of being scolded by an adult.

Suspense - Using a low camera angle, and obscuring an object in the background can add an element of suspense.

Using Lenses to Express Moods

The right lens selection will help add another dimension to the mood of the photo.

Happiness - The same low camera angle, with the models jumping, and add a fisheye lens. This will give the photo an added element of humor and exuberance to the photo, along with a very whimsical feel to it, all adding to an incredible happy looking image.

Suspense - Use a super telephoto to shoot the model cming out of the darkness, and it adds an extra element of uncertainty, as the dark background is also obscured by the blur of the camera.

Hope - Take the rainy, melancholy shot, and go super wide angle, and show the patch of blue sky on the horizon. It's bad now, but the sun is on its way.

taking great pictures is not just seeing something and shooting, it's being able to convey an emotion and have the viewer feel that emotion. If you can convey the emotion powerfully enough, then it becomes a memorable photo.

I took a photo at sunrise, on an island, with a cross in the distance. The light was just coming from behind the clouds, making that incredible first streaks of light through the skies. The light was creating a back light on the cross, and giving it a glow. When I showed the picture to anyone religious, they would make a cross, like they were praying. It was a combination of light, angle and lens to create that image. It's on a slide, gotta try to find it, lol.
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