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CGIPix is an observation that Nikon, Canon and the rest no longer make cameras,
they make computers that you can attach a lens to.
Here is a basic overview of what it takes to create good, better or best pictures, you decide how much effort you want to put into your pictures.

The meanings of ISO and Film Speed:

Taking Macro Pictures

Macro photography can be done in several ways. There are cheap ways to do it, and there are the right ways to do it.

Macro Filters

Macro filters are just magnifying glasses, built into a filter ring. They do work, but the quality level of a macro filter is not very great. You'll need to use very small apertures, F16 or F22, to overcome the lack of clarity with them.

Pseudo Macro Lenses

Pseudo macro lenses are the cheaper zoom lenses, with a setting to put the lens in macro. They do allow you to get closer than a standard lens, but they are not true macro lenses. The image quality is decent, but the ocveall magnification is not impressive.

Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are specially built to have an additional amount of travel in their focusing, so that they can get much closer than a standard lens. A macro lens will focus at 9 inces from the film plane, or about 2-3 inches from the front of the lens. With focusing like that, you can get close enough to insects, flowers and leaves to get an impressive shot.

Extension Tubes

Extension tubes go between the camera and a lens. They have ne glass in them, they are just a mounting tube of a specific length, usually 12, 20 and 36mm. An extension tube can be used with any lenses, but work espeically well with macro and super telephoto lenses. A super telephoto lens, such as a 600mm will have a minimum focus distance of 17 feet, so by adding an extension tube, you can focus down to 10 feet at a minimum. Extension tubes are very popular in bird photography, to get the smaller birds in focus. With a macro lens, you can get to 1:1 magnification, the item is the same size on the film as it is in real life, so a ladybug can almost be a full frame picture.


A bellows is the ultimate accesory for macro photography. With a bellows and a macro lens, you can get to 11:1 magnification. I've taken pictures of my finger, and you can see the individual ridges. At full extension, the amount of magnification is incredible. You can see individual fibers on a pair of jeans, the smallest details of an insect, and things that would almost take a low power microscope to see.

Focusing Rails

With macro equipment, you need to be able to move the camera lens, without moving the entire tripod. A focusing rail will allow you to make micro adjustments to the camera, without moving the tripod.
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