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CGIPix is an observation that Nikon, Canon and the rest no longer make cameras,
they make computers that you can attach a lens to.
Here is a basic overview of what it takes to create good, better or best pictures, you decide how much effort you want to put into your pictures.

The lesson on composition is the Rule of Thirds:

The Rule of Thirds

If you look at any great photography or artwork, the Rule of Thirds is used. You split the scene into 9 boxes, and create a flow between each box. The first division is for Foreground, Middle and Background. The second division is for Left, Center, Right. This leaves with a frame composed of 9 separate boxes. The key is not to take the Rule of Thirds so literally that everything is lined up exactly on the boxes. You want to create a dynamic division.

This photo places the main object in the foreground center. The reason is because it is a heavy object, and heavier items go to bottom, just like a light item would go up further. By manipulating the placement of Foreground, Middle and Background, Left, Center and Right, you create a more interesting photo. If the petrified log was placed in middle center, the photo would not look as good.

Foreground Objects

When you're taking a landscape or scenic photo, having an item in the foreground will really help to gefine the picture, and draw the veiwers eye and imagination into the scene. If it's just a picture of a large mountain far away, there's a lot of empty space, and nothing to connect the person to the photo as they look at it. By placing an object in the foreground, there is something besides a mountain far away and the photo feels more complete. There are lots of foreground objects to use, such as a flower, rock, tree, grasses, plants, or even a low angle to show detail in the ground.
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