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CGIPix is an observation that Nikon, Canon and the rest no longer make cameras,
they make computers that you can attach a lens to.
Camera Bags

Don't buy a camera bag that will fit all of the equipment you currently have, buy one that will allow you to grow a bit.

There are plenty of choices as to how you can carry your camera:

Hard Cases

Pelican is the one brand that stands out, they make incredible cases. Some of them have wheels, and are all are watertight.

Back Packs

The camera backpacks are versatile for long hikes.

Waist Packs

For speed and ease, nothing beats a waist pack to have instant access to equipment.


A good camera vest will help distribute the weight, and will let you carry lenses and accessories within easy reach.

Camera Bags

The standard, over the shoulder camera bag.

My Camera Bags

I've always liked Tamrac bags. They are well built, and they make some of the biggest bags around. My current setup is a 614 Pro, their biggest bag, with the dual shoulder straps, so it carries like a backpack or shoulder bag.

Other Brands


Think Tank

Here are some samples from the Photo Galleries:

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